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Приложение 3: перевод методики Н. Шевченко и некоторых вопросов-ответов по ней на английский язык. Его выполнил в 2006 году доктор биохимических наук из США Марк Лоевский. Текст согласован со мной.

Peace be with Your home!

Last update 12 December 2006
In front of you - the most recent, most complete and precise version of "the method of Nikolay Shevchenko".

Follow it exactly and endure everything that is going to happen to you.
The mixture (more precise, the emulsion) of sunflower oil with vodka quite drastically differs from vodka without oil, or oil without vodka as well. It gives absolutely different results.
For instance, if to take this emulsion strictly in accordance with the present method, then even in acute alcoholics within a few months the addiction to intoxication disappears. Also reduced is the addiction to smoking and other types of narcotism, get cured the most severe cases of various types of cancer, sarcoma, liver cirrhosis, hepatitis, pancreatitis, nephritis, ulcers, diabetes, hypertonic disease, stenocardia, arthritis, asthma, allergies, and a vast variety of other diseases.

This is the BALM, acting exclusively curative if used in accordance with all the rules of the method.
What is important - all that is said here. The rest is with you to decide.

1. Pour into a graduated cup 30÷40 ml of unrefined sunflower oil and 30÷40 ml of 40% ethyl alcohol (vodka), tightly close a cup with a lid, vigorously shake the mixture for 2-3 minutes (for 5 minutes, if you can) and drink at once as soon as possible. (1 ml = 1 cm3; 1 ml [milliliter] water weighs 1 gram).
It is better to start the treatment with the dose of 30 ml+30 ml. You can use a mixer to shake the mixture. If a bottle with oil contains sediment - always mix it with oil, it is very beneficial.
Remember:1) if strength of vodka is below 38%, it does not burn; 2) the mixture of a fake 40% vodka with oil immediately separates into two layers.
The more correct the selection of oil and vodka (see below), the better you mix them, the later this mixture would separate again into oil and vodka, the greater the curative properties of the mixture and easier to drink it.
It is allowed (in case of insufficient curative effect, or if you would like to accelerate the treatment) to increase the dose to 35+35 or 40+40 ml, from any time during the course of treatment. You can also reduce the dose (not below 30+30 ml) from any moment and also at your will.
The greater the dose, the stronger its healing power, but it's harder to drink it.
2. It is necessary to take the mixture THREE times a day, 15-30 minutes (better 20 minutes) BEFORE MEAL and, if possible, after the equal time intervals. For example: at 8 a.m., 2 p.m., 8 a.m.; or at 7 a.m., 3 p.m., 11 p.m.
During 15-30 minutes after taking the medicine before meal it is absolutely banned to eat or drink anything. (At this time it is quite useful to pray heartily to the Savior, Jesus Christ, in order for Him to help you in this treatment.) The degree of absorption of the mixture depends on strictly following this rule.
You must eat three times a day and not 4, 5, or 6 times a day! This is a very important condition. Only those people can deviate from this rule who have complications with the food transition along the esophagus, and those who have no severe diseases.
Before the morning mixture uptake no drink is allowed.
3. It is necessary to drink this mixture 10 (ten) days in a row, then 5 (five) days break, two times total, this way. On the 3rd time the mixture is taken for 10 days in a row followed by a mandatory 14 days (2 weeks) break. This is one course (or cycle) of treatment. Further on these courses (cycles) must be repeated one after the other until a complete cure results, but no less than for 2 (better yet 3) years.
That is, the schedule for taking the medicine day by day is following: 10(5), 10(5), 10(14); 10(5), 10(5), 10(14); ... – even for 20 years (the duration of the breaks is shown in parentheses).
Under no circumstances the indicated above schedule can be changed, and the smaller or larger doses than allowed by this method can be taken. Otherwise, the therapeutic effect will be insufficient. This has been tested enormous number of times.
Do not shorten the breaks even by one day!
Otherwise, the remedy will gradually lose its strength due to adaptation of the organism to it as well as of various microorganisms, malignant cells, etc.
During the breaks, the curative effect of the medicine continues, though less intensely.
It is prohibited to measure the medicine by spoons or by "eyeballing". Buy in the pharmacy a graduated cup or glass, and use it to measure the necessary dosages of oil and vodka.
Plus-minus 1-2 grams do not matter. It is possible to pour oil and vodka in a small can with a tight lid in advance (one dose per one can only), and to take it with you to work, train, hospital, etc., and to drink the mixture later, at a time appropriate for you. One can prepare in advance a few such cans-doses for a few days ahead.

Simplified (prophylactic-curative) versions of the method

The "main" method described above is required for those who were ever diagnosed by the doctors as having "a malignant tumor"; for those who at present have any tumors found, including also benign: any "cysts","nods", adenomas, polyps, miomas and others; and for all those who cannot enjoy life from tormenting them various severe maladies.
For everybody else, either sick or healthy, it is recommended to drink the mixture (30 ml oil + 30 ml vodka) once a day (better in the evening); or, if you wish, twice a day - in the morning and in the evening.
To take the mixture in accordance with this version of the method is also necessary 15~30 minutes before meal, and following the same daily schedule as for the main method.
There are no duration limits in taking the mixture once a day: one can treat himself this way either for the entire life or for 1 day, whatever desired.
But to drink this medicine twice or thrice a day for less than three courses (cycles) is not recommended since only minor tumors can be cured for this minimal time; many people do not even suspect their existence. Take into account: the malignances are being completely cured only with the drug's uptake three times a day!
The maximal term of treatment in this case is unlimited. The longer one takes the mixture - the better.
How many times a day to take this medicine for those who have or had in the past no tumors or various other severe diseases, - three, two or one times a day, - one must decide PERSONALLY, based on his/her state of health, capacity to work, occupation, financial status and so on. As well the duration of the treatment, and when to switch from one version of the method to another, and when to begin the treatment again - also PERSONALLY.

Positive properties of the medicine

It does not require an individual "adjustment", That is, always and for all, the recipe and the method of taking this drug is the same. It does not have recognized counter indications, it is right for everyone. Neither a gap after the previous therapeutic methods, nor other preliminary preparation by way of "cleansing", gradual dose increase, etc. is necessary.
From the very first days of treatment, the growth and metastasis (i.e. spread within the body) of all types of malignant tumors usually stop, and their gradual dissipation begins, along with the dissipation of other pathological new formations.
No matter how strong and long-lasting were the pains before the treatment, - gradually they become less severe, cease faster, and happen less frequently.
Get normalized or approach a norm: immunity; arterial and intraocular pressure; hearing and vision; temperature and body weight; women's menstrual cycle; ratio of all hormones; calcium homeostasis, and all other metabolic processes. The same happens with all blood indexes: levels of sugar, cholesterol, bilirubin, hemoglobin, leucocytes, platelets, SES, electrolytes, etc.
Get improved: nutrition, circulation and functioning of all organs and all tissues of the body, in the first hand, of heart, liver, kidneys, pancreas, brain, blood vessels (not within one day but gradually). Also get improved the general condition of patients with various forms of atherosclerosis, stenocardia, diabetes, and of patients ever suffered infarctions and strokes. Get strengthened all the bones.
The development of glaucomas and cataracts ceases.
Sand and small stones are liberated from the kidneys and the gall bladder. Medium-size and large stones (of all types, from all organs) are solubilized within the organs, without moving.
Different types of bleeding are stopped. The intestinal and various other parasites are eliminated: intestinal worms (helmints), many harmful microorganisms, fungi, viruses, etc.
Various ulcers of different tissues get healed rapidly.
Get cleansed everything, everywhere, and in the most beneficial way for us.
Children develop better physically and mentally, fall ill less frequently, and withstand a disease easier (this refers also to adults). In elderly people the entire organism is rejuvenated, and ageing is greatly slowing down.
There are no age restrictions to this method of treatment: the successful treatment was reported for pregnant women (and hense, for their fetuses!), for two-year olds, and for the patients older than 90.
For children weighing 50 kg (110 lb) and more, one must take an "adult" dose of the medicine: 30 ml oil + 30 ml vodka. For children weighing less than 50 kg, the dose must be calculated as follows: 0.6 ml oil + 0.6 ml vodka per 1 kg body weight. For instance, for a child weighing 20 kg, one-time dose will be: 20 x 0.6 = 12 ml oil and 12 ml vodka.
The rest of the method is the same and so is the diet.
This mixture can be taken by the pregnant, the dose is 30 +30 (but only in very severe diseases since statistical data for pregnant women are insufficient). The mixture is better than the poisons of chemotherapy!
The edemas gradually disappear from all tissues. Ascites and pleurisies of various nature also cease to accumulate the liquid, usually within 4~6 months of the treatment with this method. If there is no strength to tolerate those anymore, it is allowed to pump out this liquid in the hospital; but the less frequently to do it the better.
For the rapid reduction of the edemas, a patient ought to drastically restrict the intake of liquid (but no less than a glass of total liquid per 24 hour period, not counting the mixture). Then all of the following "troubles" would also disappear or reduce in strength.

Possible side effects (not always happening)

The pains may develop or increase in intensity in the foci of disease and in other places: sometimes immediately, but often after 2-5 days or later. During the next days they normally reduce or become tolerable. The bones may pain longer: about 3 weeks in one place, then in the next, and so on. It happens that the most painful are the places which underwent surgeries, fractures or severe bruises.
This is the outburst in activity of the organism's "repair" systems. Endure: this is for your benefit!
Massive hemorrhages from the large disintegrating tumors are possible. In those cases one can take vicasol and etamsilat, as prescribed by the doctor. However, you should not stop taking oil with vodka, as this mixture facilitates the accelerated healing of any ulcers, wounds in all organs and tissues, normalizes blood density and the production of blood cells.
The urination can visibly decrease; the urine may turn red (from the solubilized kidney stones). These are temporary, not alarming, events.
A response from the intestine is possible: "weak stool", sharp abdominal pains, but not for very long.
Nausea and heartburn can occur. They lessen if to chew a piece of lemon after taking the medicine. During the first days of treatment, it is allowed not to take the medicine once again after vomiting. In the following days - it is necessary to take the dose of the mixture (30 + 30) once again, after 10-15 minutes following this incident (you can take it in 2-3 gulps, with short breaks between them), cooling oil and vodka in a refrigerator beforehand may help to take up the mixture.
The better to shake up the mixture - the easier is to drink it!
Weakness, sometimes from the first days of treatment. It mainly occurs in cases of severe intoxications and due to diminished delivery of glucose to the muscles. Upon cleansing of all systems of the organism by the mixture, the weakness goes away.
Reduction of the appetite. This is not surprising: there are 1100 kilocalories in 90 ml oil and 90 ml vodka (and a whole daily nutritional ration contains about 2000~2500 kilocalories).
It is possible that for a few days there is feeling of a "lump" in the throat.
For a limited time (usually during the first month of treatment) there appear and intensify edemas, especially around painful spots and tumors, in lymph nodes. This cannot cause occlusion of the tubular organs as the medicine dilates their working surfaces by relaxing the muscles in their walls.
Tachycardia: up to 100 heart contractions per minute in the state of rest due to the dilation of the vessels by the mixture. There is no need to cope with this.
For one or two months can appear red itching spots or "rash" on various parts of the body. Don't touch them, do nothing about them. Gradually, these manifestations (from exiting the body "slag" and toxins) go away on their own.
In the course of the treatment of many severe diseases also other temporary deteriorations in the conditions of the patients can occur.All these deteriorations and symptoms described above could emerge in other times, get stronger and longer than it was shown. Yet they may not surface at all. Anything can happen, and because of thousands of different reasons.
One cannot exactly say in advance how the treatment will take its course for one or another patient. Everything is possible, even the most improbable. Don't ever surrender!
In any y case and in any state of health you need to continue the treatment strictly in accordance with this method, endure everything, hope and believe in the victory over illnesses!


1. To stop the treatment of malignant tumors until completely cured: otherwise, they immediately would start metastasizing and grow vigorously, independent of the treatment. At not completely cured cancer, the transition from this method to any other method, and from the main method to the simplified versions of this method, very often appear to be the transition from life to very rapid and agonizing death.
2. To conceal from the patient his real diagnosis. Don't be frightened to tell him the truth: the danger is not from the truth, but from the feeling of hopelessness. Explain to a patient that the method gives a real hope for the salvation and the extension of life, for a patient to regard this treatment seriously.
The truth, even bitter truth, - the surest way to cure. Otherwise, the method is almost always and very soon getting violated, and all the job gets lost.
Because the lie kills, and the truth heals!
3. Simultaneously or within the brakes of the decades use any other (even most advertised, treatment protocol). That is, AFTER the initiation of the treatment with oil and vodka, it is prohibited::
a) To receive radiotherapy and chemotherapy.
b) To undergo any surgeries, except for those necessary for life: for instance, if within 4-6 month of treatment using strictly the recommendations of this method the tumor obviously and without any doubt grossly enlarged; in case of prolongated and complete gastric (intestinal, urinal, respiratory, bilious, vascular, and any other) impassability; if an urgent closure of open ulcer is needed urgently; in life-threatening traumas, etc.
If you used this method of treatment and then all of a sudden decided for any reason to undergo any surgery, then, in order to avoid the recurrence of the disease, immediately after the operation you need to continue with this treatment instead of any other therapeutic option.
It is the matter of fact that any, even very small operations like punctures, biopsies, extractions of the teeth, have the ability to accelerate and worsen all diseases, including those involving the growth and metastasis of tumors, as well as to trigger the emergence of the new once.
c) To take ALL other anti-tumor remedies: herbs (celandine, poison-hemlock, aconite and the rest), aloe, bracket-fungus, befunginum, mercury chloride, viturid, death cup, kerosene, ACD-2 - fraction 2; nutri-shark cartilage [vitaline]; hormonal and anti-hormonal preparations such as tamoxifen [nolvadex], arimidex [anastrozole], depot-provera [medroxyprogesterone], androcur-depot, honvan, synoestrolum, flutamide [flucine], microfollin, etc.
d) To take drugs for the treatment of osteoporosis: complex of calcium with the vitamins of group D, bonefos, aredia, osteogenone , and all the rest.
e) To undergo treatment using any herbs, homeopathic potions, acupuncture, leaches, deep massage, "wrapping up", hydrogen peroxide intake, etc.
f) To take any "biologically active additives" (including various antioxidants), commercially available vitamins, any preparations of calcium and iron (including radioactive tablets "from cancer"); medicines for the "liver support": carsil, essentiale, LIV-52; any immunostimulants; clofelin; all anti-ulcer drugs (except for drugs recommended below).
When and how to cancel prednisolone, L-thyroxine, dexamethazone, insulin, and the digestion-improving enzymes (such as festal, mezim-forte, pancreatin) - see below.
g) To use ever (except for the clause 3b) therapeutic devices of ALL types, including: "vitaphone", wide variety of air ionizers ("Chizhevsky chandelier" as well), magnets, "frequency-resonance therapy", pressure chambers, etc.
i) To perform oxygen inhalations of any kind (i.e. to inhale pure oxygen from somewhere).
j) To apply any heating procedures: baths, hot-tubs and cold-tubs, "contrast shower", excessive physical exercises; massages and rubbings; treatment with clay; apply compresses, lotions, salt bandages, any ointments on tumors, joints, and on any other parts of the body ever. One can wash up with warm (not hot) water and as quickly as possible.
k) To engage in winter-swimming, prolong pouring over with cold water, submerging of ailing parts of the body for some time in very cold water.
Any lengthy stresses, such as those coming from the excessive heat or cold, very drastically accelerate all diseases and interfere with this method.
l) To use special respiratory exercises (by Buteyko, by Strelnikova, yoga, by Frolov, and any other)
4. To use treatment with the urine: to take body wastes by any means is very harmful and disagreeable to Lord.
5. To believe in "predictions" of various objects of mysticism (rings, nuts, bolts, hanging on threads ("pendulums"), and different kinds of hooks on handles ("frames"). Inquiring anything from these pseudo-devices as well as from tables, chairs, saucers, various idols ("oracles") and other subjects - represent themselves kinds of fortune-telling and occultism, i.e. means of the contact with the evil spirit (the demons). These methods are known from the ancient times. Absolutely all such "contacts" are sinful and soul-ruinous.
Yet a semi-truth is many times more dangerous and deadly than a straight lie. That is why demon can often "show" and tell the truth. However, to the most important questions of salvation of the soul and of the body they would invariably cheat using the true answers to simple questions as a "masking fog".
6. To use the services of ALL WITHOUT EXCEPTION "bioenergy therapists", "magicians", "black" and "white" "magic wizards", "witches", "encoders", "extrasenses", "fortune-tellers","contacters", "spell-casters".
It is prohibited to keep their books in the house, and moreover. to treat yourself using these books or by the subjects "charged" by those people, such as water, food, etc.
The "supernatural" "abilities" of ALL mentioned - not from God and not from the nature, but from helping them evil forces, and those abilities were conferred upon them for the very sinful, unpleasant to God, deeds.
From the influences of those people (by way of commanded by them demons-sprites, as well as via water or through any subjects) very often even within a brief time the progressing of former diseases and the emergence of new, more deadly diseases takes place; malignant tumors start growing faster and metastasize, and benign tumors turn into the malignant once.
During this process the symptoms of the diseases initially can partially "dissipate" (from short-lived re-distribution of the remaining resources in a patient).
Only sincere confession to the Savior in utilizing these means and promise of not using them anymore ever liberates from the captivity of the mentioned "influences".
The clause #1 (see above) refers to the treatment using the main method, and clauses #2-6 (see above) - to the treatment using all three versions of the method.

What miracles are real, and what are not

The Lord Jesus Christ cured not by "his own" or mysterious "cosmic energy", but by the Holy Spirit which is Uncreated God's Power coming from the God-Father (See John, 15: 26).
To be filled with The Holy Spirit (i.e. with God's Power) is only possible through the Faith that the Biblical Jesus Christ is God and the Saviour, about which He said: "I am the vine; you are the branches. If a man remains in me and I in him, he will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing" (truly miraculous) (The Gospel from John, 15: 5).
The real ability of healing is gifted exclusively by Uncreated Jesus Christ-God for the Belief in Him, and by no means by some animalistic, faceless "cosmos".
Only for the strong Christian Faith and great righteousness of living, God Jesus Christ multiplies in people the Holy Godly Spirit, which makes these people the Wonder-workers.

Nutrition, acceptable drugs, miscellaneous

  • By initiating this treatment, you need to unconditionally give up with the narcotics (including smoking) - it is better at once and forever for 100%. It is possible to lower down their dosages gradually; the sooner, the better.

  • From the first day of treatment until its very end try to drink as little as possible of all alcoholic beverages, including beer. It is better just to avoid them.
  • Wine (vodka) in reasonable quantities - not a narcotic. That is why God blessed alcohol to the people (Gospel from John, 2: 7-11).
    Small dosages of alcohol do not cause harm to the treatment. But because the sensitivity to alcohol is different in different people, it is impossible to prescribe a uniform, acceptable to anyone, dose of it.
    (I remind: the mixture of vodka with sunflower oil is acting dissimilar to that of vodka alone).

  • During all the days and years of treatment avoid consuming all dairy, fermented dairy, meat, fatty, sweet products (fish and poultry are referred to as meat, and honey, water-melons, melons and fruits and berries sweet by taste - as sweet products).
  • Everything else you can eat in moderation. Avoid being starved: 15-30 minutes following the medicine intake at least something must be eaten, and only then can be drunk - otherwise nausea may result. To fight it, one can use salted soft-boiled eggs and tomato juice, all sour berries as well as moderate drinking of a green tea with lemon; or else put two table spoons of any starch into a 1/2 glass of cold water and drink this mixture slowly disturbing the starch before the next gulp.
    The diet restrictions are in effect both during the days of the medicine intake and during the breaks.
    One can salt the food moderately and can eat bread of any kind (leavened, wheat, or rye).
    There are no absolutely (by 100%) prohibited food products. One can eat a little of anything sometimes.
    But take into account: this method helps from many severe diseases much better with the stringent diet restrictions (ALL the diet - is here!) than if to eat indiscriminately.
    The more severe the disease, the more grave the patient's condition, the more strictly one must follow this diet.
    There is no gram-based "rationing" of the food and the drinks to anyone. And personal menus are unnecessary.

  • The food and the drinks must not be very hot. But they also must not be always cold.

  • The tea can be brewed not only of the traditional brands, but also from different herbs, leaves, sour berries and fruits. Just that the tea-drinking will not be turned by you into the homeopathic therapy! You can brew the hips, better in a thermos. Don't drink coffee (greatly accelerates calcium exchange, and this causes harm to our treatment). It is banned to drink sweet fruit, berry or vegetable (including root beet and carrot) juices.
  • It is not allowed to drink a lot of non-sweet juices: the juice therapy and this method are incompatible. In addition, the excess of vitamins does not give any benefits to the organism. Obviously, the unprocessed vegetables (any!) can be eaten since a lot of sugar is present only in the squeezed out juices and not in the pulp.

  • The non-sweet compotes, fruit drinks, kissels are allowed. But any carbonated beverages and any "mineral" water is prohibited.
  • Almost any "mineral" water has a lot of calcium salts in it, yet any calcium preparations are incompatible with this method of treatment: the majority of their effects are counteracting.

  • Low-calorie "sugar substitutes", such as saccharin, aspartame ("sweet", "nutri-sweet"), cyclamates are not prohibited. They are much better than the traditional xylite and sorbitol, which are also not banned. But it is much better to get around without any "chemistry".

  • It is forbidden to make therapeutic tinctures of herbs, roots or anything else extracting their contents with vodka.

  • The presence of sugars and other additives in commercially produced vodka is accepted. Usually, their quantities are so negligible that they can be ignored. Acceptable is a home-brew and ethanol of any commercial brand. But it is better to use for the treatment quality-verified vodka! (see above)!
  • The strength of any type of vodka, home-brew, ethyl alcohol must be adjusted to 40% as close as possible.

  • The best sunflower oil is the one with the fewer technology operations possible. For instance, the best raw-expelled oil is the one undergone the thermal treatment. And a color and strength of a smell do not affect its therapeutic potency. The main thing, it must be sunflower oil, unrefined (i.e. not purified) and not bitter.
  • But there is one catch to it!
    The oil manufacturers are sometimes cunning. In order for oil to be longer stored at warehouses, they subject it to one or two steps of purification, but still call this oil after the treatment "unrefined". Therefore, do not take for treatment oil which has on its label the words "hydrated", "frozen".
    Any additional purification greatly reduces the pro-vitamin, liver-protective properties of sunflower oil, and, as such, is undesirable.
    None of the vegetable oils contain cholesterol.

  • The best cumulative therapeutic effect gives the mixture of 40% vodka with sunflower, truly unrefined oil. Other accessible for us (in Russia - M.L.) oils (such as olive, flax, cottonseed, soy) have much less therapeutic properties and treat worse the severe diseases than sunflower unrefined oil.

  • It is prohibited to inject glucose intravenously. Usually after this, the drastic progressing of the diseases occurs because simple sugars (glucose, fructose, sucrose, etc.) are the best nutritional media for the malignant cells, parasites of all types and for various infections in the human organism.
  • Honey consists of the mixture of glucose with fructose.
    Any sweeties drastically reduce the therapeutic properties of the mixture oil-vodka, they are the antagonists.

  • If any organs have been removed from a patient, and for their functional replacement the doctors prescribed some specific hormones, - he might receive those as was prescribed (however, it is not desirable).
  • If all of your organs are in place and you are taking the hormones already (insulin, L-thyroxin, prednisolone, metypred [methylprednisolone], dexamethazone, and others), you need to cancel them: after the beginning of this treatment by way of gradual reduction by you personally of the dosages of the hormones and by replacing them with non-hormonal preparations of similar action. The contraceptive hormonal drugs are always unacceptable.
    The enzymes can be rejected at once.

  • Don't undergo the transfusions of blood and of its components (packed erythrocytes, plasma). The transfusions of blood and of its components infects a patient with many most dangerous diseases, drastically decreases his immunity, and by a few fold increases the probability of cancer metastasis.
  • Intake of any blood is referred in the Bible as grave sins and is prohibited (Genesis, 9: 4).
    As a dictionary defines, "blood is a liquid connective tissue of the body". God never allowed the people to eat each other, regardless of the way of consumption of the human tissues: "The Spirit gives life; the flesh counts for nothing. "The words I have spoken to you are spirit and they are life" (John, 6: 63) - The Lord Jesus Christ by this phrase commanded us eating and drinking His WORDS by our souls, i.e. to believe in His Saving Sacrifice (Easter), in His sinless Redemptive mortal agony on the cross.

  • The less frequently you will take any drugs, the stronger and better this method will treat all your diseases at once.

  • The narcotics-containing painkillers are prohibited (codeine, pentalgin, sedalgine, solpadeine) as well as tramal (tramadol), which is referred to all handbooks as a "narcotic-analgesic".

  • All relaxing, sedative, soporific, diuretic, cardiac, and other prescribed by the doctors drugs which do not interfere with this method are allowed. For instance, relanium, cyclodol, dimedrolum, finlepsin, antibiotics, etc., as well as the narcotics-free painkillers, including: analgine, baralgine, iso-dihydroperparine (NO-SHPA), ketanov, voltaren (cataflam, diclofenac), nimesulide and its analogs.
  • Pay attention that the same medicine can appear with the various new names.

  • Cancerous ulcers on the skin cannot be treated with any ointment. All ointments warm the tumors under them and accelerate their growth. It is not advisable also to apply the mixture and oil onto them. Because the malignant cells are getting destroyed not by oil and vodka directly, but by the products of their oxidation, which are formed inside the organism after the absorption of the vodka-oil emulsion in the intestine.
  • Ulcers of all kinds are cured well by drinking this emulsion.
    One can apply to only non-cancerous ulcers and bedsores a concoction of beaten up white of one chicken egg with unrefined sunflower oil (1/2 glass). Spread on any days, 2-3 times a day.
    One can cover any sores with a few layers of gauze impregnated with a fat-free bactericidal ointment to avoid it being adhered to a sore. The ointment cannot be applied directly to a sore.
    It is best to wash the ulcers with hydrogen peroxide, furacilin or with a decoction of the oak bark.

  • If a patient had been previously "encoded", it is unnecessary to go for "decoding". Ask the Saviour for forgiveness of your sins, including that of being "encoded", and He Himself would "decode" you and would help you to get rid of your bad habits.

  • There appear many "advisors", who recommend to patients to pour, to add, and to admix something to the mixture of sunflower oil with vodka, or recommend extracting aconite with vodka etc. All mentioned decoctions, extracts, and additives can inflict great harm upon Your health, therefore, never accept them whatsoever no matter where they were advertised.

  • This method would cure the bodies all the Christians and all other people.
  • God mercifully sends rains, Sun and other material goods to everyone. But not equally: more to some than to others.
    Likewise, with this method: all and always can use this method. In order for the chances of a patient for successful treatment would increase, one must also take care of the healing of his soul with God's Truth. Who is the Truth - you can read here:
    "I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me" (John, 14: 6).
    "But these words are written that you may believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God, and that by believing you may have life in his name" (John, 20: 31).


    The sense of human life on Earth consists in being adopted by God through Faith in the Name of Single-born God-Son Jesus Christ (John, 1: 12; 10: 30). This adoption signifies the forgiveness by Him of all previous sins (and first and foremost, of the most ruinous, first-born sin of Adam), and in endowing by Him of Holy Godly Spirit and Everlasting Life in Paradise.

    Dear reader!
    This method-instruction is compiled by me with the only purpose of your using this method to treat yourself and your relatives. It is written in sufficient detail for the successful treatment. The method is presented here in its entirety and is comprehensible for anyone.
    I am not a doctor, I do not see patients (not permitted legally), and do not conceal anything of "secret". I repeat again and again, that I am not an "extrasense", "contacter", "fortune-teller", or "bioenergy therapist" or something of this kind, but simply a Christian man who is trying to follow the true Holy Word of Jesus and to help people with everything useful that I learned about this method. I cannot say what, when and why will happen to any particular patient.
    Anything can happen, but you'd rather believe in the best!


    Mailing address:
    Nikolay Victorovich Shevchenko
    Do vostrebovaniya, Moscow 125412

    My E-mail:

    (Shevchenko N. V.: I do not consult on other topics, do not communicate using the telephone, do not buy or sell anything, and cannot read letters in English or in any other language except for Russian).


    Why do you advise using exclusively unrefined sunflower oil?
    This oil has been selected by the author from a wide variety of other oils and fats for the following properties:
    a) It contains maximally high quantities (in comparison with other accessible for us oils) of an indispensable linoleic fatty acid (LA), which regulates all metabolism and properties of the cell membranes.
    b) It lacks the antagonist - linolenic fatty acid (LNA). For instance, a lot of LNA is present in flax (40-50%) and soy (5-10%) oils, which makes these oils inappropriate for this therapeutic method.
    c) It contains very little of biologically inactive saturated fats.
    d) It contains by far more of a strongest natural antioxidant, alpha-tocopherol, than all other accessible for us oils, more than 60 mg% (more than 60 mg in 100 g oil).
    e) It contains quite a lot of antioxidants-synergists (which intensify the antioxidant properties), alpha-tocopherol and lecithin (phosphatidylcholine), from 1.0 to 1.4 g% (1.0-1.4 g in 100 g oil).
    f) Due to a very simple and most often the same technology for its manufacturing, this oil has minimal deviation in its biological and chemical properties, as compared to other oils. And because of its cheapness, it is unlikely to get admixed "for economy" with other fats.
    g) Due to the highest levels in this oil of alpha-tocopherol and lecithin, unrefined sunflower oil not only protects the patients from alcohol addiction, but furthermore liberates them from already existent alcohol dependency.
    In simple terms: unrefined sunflower oil in its mixture with vodka cures alcoholism!

    Because of the above mentioned reasons, unrefined sunflower oil absolutely does not "load" the liver, kidneys and the pancreas, but relieves, strengthens, rehabilitates, restores and recovers from any lesions of these and other vitally important organs.
    It is necessary to describe separately and in detail about alpha-tocopherol. Usually, a mixture (!) of alpha-, beta-, gamma-, and delta-tocopherols is called "vitamin E". It is namely the content in the mixture of different tocopherols is determined in oils and the result then is shown in the textbooks and on the labels of oil bottles.
    However, such an approach to that important and active substance, such as alpha-tocopherol, is incorrect and misleading. Because antioxidant activity of beta-tocopherol is many folds less than that of alpha-tocopherol, and other tocopherols do not possess antioxidant (in this case, vitamin) properties at all.
    What happens in reality? In the textbooks it is written about flax oil: "80 mg% vitamin E". However, it is not written that in this oil its entire so called "vitamin E" is represented exclusively by inactive gamma-tocopherol. That is why unrefined flax oil is so dark and bitter: from strong self-oxidation. And for unrefined sunflower oil they say: "60 mg% vitamin E" having forgotten to specify that in sunflower oil all these 60 mg% honestly belong to alpha-tocopherol, and that this quantity is very high.
    For comparison, olive oil contains only inactive tocopherols and their collective content does not exceed 5 mg% (very little). Corn oil and soy oil contain small quantities of alpha-tocopherols. All refined oils practically lack vitamins and their PUFA content is noticeably reduced.

    Can one drink the mixture TWO times a day? Previously, you did not encourage this?
    Yes, you can! You perhaps already noticed that in this method I do not oppose this mode of treatment. Because now I have enough letters corroborating its high efficiency and the lack of side effects. But only at one condition: the duration of such consumption of the mixture must be no less than three courses (cycles), similar to that of taking the mixture three times a day.

    If a cancer patient has already undergone a surgery, other anti-cancer treatment, and now the doctors do not find cancer, how and when a patient may start treatment with oil-vodka?
    The doctors' eyes, even well equipped with various devices, are incapable of discerning in the patient's organism the tiniest groups of cancerous cells.
    According to the official medical statistics (for instance, in "The Medical Encyclopedia"), even after impeccably performed surgeries, the invisible cancer metastases remain in the 50% of cases. Later on it leads to a relapse of would be defeated disease. Therefore, after surgeries, and, moreover, after lesions in the organism caused by poisons of "chemotherapies" and radiation one can never be sure if a patient is completely free of cancer.
    In these cases, the complete treatment of using "the main" method of Nikolay Shevchenko must be performed. In other words, drink the mixture for no less than 2-3 years, THREE times a day, strictly in accordance with the rules of this method, without having waited for the appearance of visible metastases.
    After the expiration of this term, one can continue the treatment using the "simplified" versions of the method - by drinking the mixture two or one time a day, even for the entire life, as long as you wish.
    You can start this treatment even the next morning following the cessation of other anti-cancer regimens (if you decided to take them), or after your refusal for their continuation. But much better is to drinking the mixture of oil with vodka using this method INSTEAD of all other therapeutic methods and not after them.
    To undergo a surgery or not, to take "radiotherapy" or "chemotherapy" - must be decided by exclusively a patient HIM/HERSELF. I never persuade anyone to give up everything and start the treatment with oil and vodka. Let everyone PERSONALLY select any particular method.
    I can only give the information to ponder over:
    1. The longer the duration of a surgery, the fewer chances has a patient for the following normal life, even though using treatment with oil and vodka. There is great number of reasons for this and all of them are related to the most deleterious effects of surgical procedures on the human organism. I am personally - against surgeries.
    2. The younger the patient, the harder to cure him/her from cancer by any medicines, including oil and vodka. This especially concerns breast cancer in women. There are numerous reasons for this phenomenon.
    3. To perform a surgery and radiation in cases of brain tumors - something on a borderline with suicide. Following these procedures, even the mixture of oil and vodka cannot stop very prompt relapse of the disease in the overwhelming number of cases. But without surgeries and radiation - any tumors of the brain and spinal cord are being often cured.
    So, decide if to allow someone "digging" in a patient's brain and "frying" it with radiation, or not.

    Can the mixture of oil with vodka be introduced using enemas?
    No! In the large intestine, the fats are not absorbed; nothing can be introduced to the small intestine using an enema: a special intestinal valve blocks the passage. By the way, now I cannot recommend to anybody to do any enemas or microenemas. They cause more harm than good. For instance, the more often to do various enemas, the more likely chronic constipation develops later. And enemas cause profound bleeding when intestinal tumors are present.

    How to drink the mixture when the "official" "cancer" diagnosis is absent, but very substantial suspicions on this score are present?
    No variations: drink the same way as in real cancer, i.e. three times a day for 2-3 years, strictly in accordance with all rules of the method.
    It is better to be overprotective than later "to be whipping the cat". The intake of the mixture has a general health-invigorating effect and cannot cause any harm to human organism.
    Any severe ailment treated by this method either slows down or gets cured.
    The mixture of oil and vodka brings about many more benefits if to drink it three times a day as compared with two times or one time a day. Thus, if your suspicions of the presence of bad tumor in your body will not be confirmed, you will not regret anyhow your taking this drug: it will gradually liberate you from numerous other ailments.

    Why Holy God allows horrific sufferings not only to villains, but also to good people?
    It is characteristic of people: to apply to God (or even recall of His existence) and start thinking about the Eternal when in sorrow and trouble and not in joy and in well-being.
    Except for this, many people are "Christian believers" only in their words. Alas, even in small ordeals many not only renounce the Faith, but even start grumbling at God. Having forgotten that God owes us nothing, but we and we only, are the sinners and His debtors. The Savior in His Everlasting Kingdom needs all those in the first hand who love Him not in their words, but in their deeds and more than the earthly assets.
    Therefore, we ought to thank our Saviour for everything that he sends for our exhortation and salvation.

    Translator: Mark M. Loyevsky, Ph. D.